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About innerAssist

My aspiration as professional is to provide short term, evidence based

and innovative interventions that lead to positive change. 

I consider myself lucky to have worked in various settings and countries and with different age groups. My training in different therapeutic models (CBT, IPT Systemic Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy) gives me the flexibility to work in a personalized way and apply a variety of interventions based on your needs and goals.

The collaborative approach I use with my clients is a key element to change and positive results. 

Whether I work with individuals or groups, I always aim to create an environment of trust and understanding where people feel safe to share their thoughts and difficulties. 


My goal is to help YOU maintain emotional wellbeing and innerAssist is my vehicle.

Mariza Thanopoulou

Mariza Thanopoulou psychologist at innerAssist Psychological Services. Dutch, English and Greek speaking psychologist.
  • Dutch Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (VGCT)

  • Dutch Association of Relationship and Family Therapy (NVRG)

  • Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP)

  • Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists (VVKP)

  • Association of Greek Psychologists (SEPS)

  • Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP)-NIP Psychologist

  • Belgian Psychology Commission 

  • FOD Volksgezondheid- Belgium-Registered Clinical Psychologist (Visum)

  • Registered Psychologist in Greece


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